About me

Born in Germany, I studied Biochemistry in Australia – living in Cairns, Townsville and Melbourne: I received a studentship from the Comparative Genomic Centre – a research facility in Townsville.

For the benefit of experience I swapped to writing – working as a freelance journalist for the German newspaper “Westfaelische Rundschau”, with a weekend circulation number of 210 000 copies. Later I have been published as travel writer in the online magazine “Boots’n’All”.

Following my curiosity for film, I worked with Ayisha Davies, producer of the australian movie “Wolf Creek” and continued with projects such as the “Alan Titchmarsch Show”, filmed at the BBC studios in London and the short-film “Lakeland Falls”, directed by Bafta-nominee Benjamin Johns.

Besides walking the Grand Union Canal from Birmingham to Northampton, working as a shepherdess in Australia and cycling from Lake Constance to Zurich – I organised my first sponsored adventure in 2011 – Mission Spain: the venture of cycling around Spain, covering more than 4000km, learning fluent Spanish on the way. It took me only 30 days to organise including sponsorship and was followed by two months of pure adventure.

Sharing my experience at “Scanner Central”, a monthly event for creative people, organised by best-selling author John Williams – I have written my first book which is out now.