Which Is the Best Baby Bottle for Breastfed babies?

Medela, Mimijumi , Avent  etc  are the great baby bottle brands available in the market today. The reason behind their popularity is that they have designed it in such a way that babies do not miss breast feeding. All these come in different types and shapes. There are many other brands as well that offer features and benefits like built-in heaters and bottles that get very less amount of air while feeding. Their unique designs provide them with their own downfalls and advantages. You can choose the best bottles for breastfed babies by comparing them with each other and choosing the one which provides you what you are looking for.

A good feel and design is what everyone looks for initially. The bottle should be a replacement for a breast so it should have the same feel and look. Some brands have great bottles that give the baby the same feeding experience and such bottles become the favorite for babies. If you are not sure about which is right, you can read online reviews about them. Read what others tell about the bottles and how they are used. This will help you to find something that will not be refused by your baby.

Features of bottle should be taken into consideration. The bottle chosen by you should reduce gas, reduce acid reflux and calm colicky babies. A proper design can help you with all these things so there is nothing to be worried about. You have to make sure that you get something made especially for your situation. There are many good bottles available in the market, but you should widen your search as per your needs. Well known manufacturers have come up with some amazing and effective bottles for babies that are breastfed in initial months.