Using Scrivener to publish your book

Using Scrivener to publish your book

Two years ago I wrote my first book ‘Don’t just talk, Do it!’ – I wanted to prove that I can do anything within a short period of time & challenge my believes of what is possible and how long it will take. Such as writing a book. So I set myself the challenge to write a book in 30 days, publish and launch it. I wanted to base it on my first adventure (Mission Spain) to share what had just happened, to digest, process and appreciate that I actually did it – creating a sponsored adventure that allowed me to cycle 4000Km around the whole of Spain learning fluent Spanish. Writing is a good way for me to go deeper into my mind and re-write any old programs.

I did it – what happened then? Not much, I self-published it on & with this had conquered my challenge. There was no motivation to do anything more with it until this year. This year the adventure of ‘entrepreneurship’ has entered my life and a good friend & inspirational friend Kimberley Drummond said to me ‘Hey, you have a book – it’s a product, why don’t you do something with it’? Mmmmm…OK, let’s do it – so I have set myself a new challenge, to sell the book 500 000 times. The motivation for me is to learn the skill of entrepreneurship and how I have to change my thinking to make it happen !!

So I started doing a program with Jack Canfield because to be honest, I have no clue what I need to do, it’s something new – plus I love short-cuts and am not the person that likes to do a lot of trial and error if other people have already done it before. So one of the first steps is to push the book out on any possible platform on the net -

1. Get your book out on every possible platform online – Say hello to Scrivener !!

It literally has changed my life. Before I would check out online platforms to publish my book on. It would require different formats and I simply did not have the patience for it – it just seemed to be a pain in the ass.

John Mc Clean, a fellow author introduced me to Scrivener and literally changed my life & got me excited and motivated to review publishing my book on different online platforms. It’s a writing & also a great organising software for projects that allows you to export your draft in all kind of formats for publication. So far I have conquered Kindle … as I work with Scrivener I come across a couple of tips and tricks, what works and what doesn’t and will share it here. So stay tuned and feel free to ask me any questions. Oh, get yourself a free trial version to check it out (it is also good for organising projects vs. having singled word-documents flooding your desktop)








Adventurer #1 Tobias Mews

Tobias Mews

Tobias is just a lot of fun to be around with !!

He is a Adventure Athlete, Journalist and Filmmaker. Columnist with Telegraph Men. Travel the world with my bike, running shoes and wetsuit, writing as I goas he describes himself on his Instagram.

I wanted to chat with Tobias about what drives him, what is an adventure for him, what keeps him going and much more.

This is the un-cut version (editing in process) – feel free to speed up forward to get the juicy bits that inspire you !! Also this here is work in progress (editing in process plus learning the skill of interviewing).

His next challenge: ÖTILLÖ 2014, a team swim-run race in Sweden of 75Km (10Km swimming & 65Km running) !! He is doing the race together with his great partner Zayne, have fun guys !!

Check out what else he is doing on here:

Our deal – we are going to do the Cold Water Swimming Championship on the 24th of January 2015. I hate cold water Tobias, but hey – let’s do it !!!


Who would you like to see next? What questions would you ask? Ideas for improvement? Leave a comment below, I want to hear from you.


Pondathlon in Hamsptead Head – endurance ego don’t be cocky …

… and say yes. And I did.

Training the YES muscle 

A week ago my friend Jonathan asked me to join a duathlon at Hampstead Heath. It touched my sweet-spot as I was thinking of an aquathlon just for the fun of it. I wanted to see what it feels like and whether it touched my ‘inspired for more button‘. At first I said YES & then my endurance ego kicked in: who would get out of bed for 1km swim & a 5km run !!

It sounded like a joke and I couldn’t help myself and was thinking about fellow adventure nutter Tobias who is embarking on ÖTILLÖ - The swimrun world championship: a total distance of 75Km. So I decided to still keep thinking whether to go or not and wanted to find a swim myself – outside of London in the countryside & get the dust off my Xterra wetsuit. Saturday evening I was still sitting at my computer, didn’t see anything that took my fancy plus the important thing that I was after was company vs. a solo swim: being in good company when sharing a hot cup of tea / coffee. I thought ‘that is ridiculous that I am so resisting what had just been offered’ so I made a deal with myself, go for the ‘Pondathlon‘ & then get on the train and head out for more. It doesn’t need to be one or the other and Tobias words from our latest interview resonated in my ears ‘It’s about doing it’ – off I went.

Listen Nadine & so I left my goggles after swim 1 

And I am so glad I did – my endurance ego got kicked as I jumped into the water with the first wave. My heart started to jump up to my lungs and I could feel my energy leaving the strengths in arms, my mind was shattering out loud, my stomach rumoured and the minced meat & coffee mixed together didn’t seem to go well together. I kept going – 3 lengths in the pool, jumping out and putting on my shoes (turned out I took one left and right shoe of a different model from my Vivobarefoot shoes - the good thing with these guys is that it doesn’t matter as it is just a puncture resistant sole with nothing more), I left my goggles after Swim 1 because I thought there was just one. I didn’t listen because I thought ‘What can go wrong on such a short distance’ – well it showed, it can !! So out of the pool, shoes on and I warmed up my legs running up the heath in my bathing suit and swim cap on top. A funny picture & I felt naked. Near to naked bumps where jumping up and down in front of me, entering the woods finding the way to next pond to jump in. I am sure the Sunday-Brunch walkers with their dogs & kiddy prams enjoyed the view, at least the men :)

The route

3 lengths in the pool, running up to the man’s pond (and I THOUGHT there was only one swim to be managed, hence left my goggles) – one round – running to the female pond – one round & then I think it was the mixed pond – another round and running back to the running track near the lido. It was such a bliss swimming in the ponds (even without goggles) and I could not have imagined how knackered I was that I had to switch from freestyle to breast-stroke a couple of times during my swims. Tobias I will be thinking of you and Zayne !!!

Lesson learned: be open to what comes your way, it may kick your ass and shows you a weakness. There are mini-adventures  & you don’t always have to organise it yourself, it can be nice for a change AND you never know who you meet.

Surprise:  I came second for the females (not officially as we missed the registration) – there seems to be a common thread in my official races :)

The best of the whole experience as mentioned before: You never know who you will meet & what comes out of it. It reminds me that the best projects evolve naturally vs. with your head pushing through the wall. 

I met Dylan, a friend of John who just flooded me with amazing contacts, informations and inspirations for future epic endurance swims. Thank you Dylan. You see – saying YES is better than steaming your brain to do a solo-trip sometimes.

I agree with Dave – Say YES more !!



Parliament Lido (vs. Tooting Bec Lido) 

It was the first time I have visited Parliament Lido and I was curious – it seemed to be the outdoor-pool competitor to my well loved Tooting Bec Lido the home of the South London Swimming Club. They are absolutely two different ships -

Tooting Bec Lido (opened 1906) : great vast water basin stretching itself to an impressive length of 90.44m (the largest swimming pool in the UK & the second largest in Europe – wow). From an endurance swimmer perspective I prefer Tooting Bec as it is farely deep on both ends and gives you the open water experience (nothing really reminds me of a pool when swimming in the middle as I cannot see the edges of the basin – plus you have the leaves from the surrounding trees falling in, gives it the natural touch)

  • Ambiente: Tooting Bec feels like a secret garden in the middle of the woods & the cafe adds to it’s character. Love the showers with the glass bulk eye in the roof top and the winding corridor, wooden benches that just away the pool-flair. .

Parliament Lido (first opened 1938): it reminds me more of a pool without the heating. The shallow end is really shallow, so as a swimmer it would irritate me – I like the depths. The water is really crystal clear, no smell / taste of chlorine – amazingly fresh looking (reminds me of some German pools) which makes it a pleasurable to swim inside. Clean metal bottom that gives you the feel of being in a competitive pool (Oh yes it also has a springboard.

  • Ambiente: Inviting, to be honest, from just spending one day I can see it feels inviting, I would love to meet the crowd who are always the cherry on the cake (like SLSC).



The time is never right: How to step out of your comfort zone!

The time is never right: How to step out of your comfort zone!

“Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”

― Napoleon Hill

The goal with some of my projects is to get people to step away from clichés & limiting believes; clichés about people, countries and the believe of what is possible. To step out of their ‘comfort zone = the what I think I know and be happy with it’ & to take the step, get out there and ‘experience’ the world for themselves – it broadens the way you think & opens you up to possibilities.

Last time I spoke about what inspired me to do my last project: initially I wanted to learn a new skill and this time it was all about Bushcraft (more about this later) – being able to take a knife, a small backpack & use my environment to survive; wrap it up into an exciting project: finding out what cliches the Brits have about Germany (and actually to kick-ass of what I thought people think about Germans & Germany), explore the UK & of course to have a physical challenge.

Now I have ticked off the first part (crossing Scotland) it’s easy for me to talk about ‘having been out on an adventure’: I walked 200miles across Scotland, dived into the Highlands and watched the sunrise over the snow covered mountain peaks, enjoyed solitude, grew as a person by being mentally challenged with the stillness around me, tasted great Scottish craftsmanship such as home-brewed Loch Lomond beer (tag), discovered the existence of historical hiking trails such as the West Highland-, the Allander- & the John Muir Way. I learned about Scotland and it’s gems through directly experiencing it. The adventure cracked open habits that I had accumulated & reminded me of what is possible again & I found inspiration for my 2nd book (if you have missed my first one – Don’t just talk, do it – check it out here & grab a free chapter).

Along the West-Highland Way!

Along the West-Highland Way! words.

…no words.


Solitude !

Solitude !


Magical moments !

Magical moments !


Interviews & Insights!

Interviews & Insights!

But – and here comes a big BUT – it was not easy to get the project going. Initially I set out to do cross the whole of the UK & having the bushcraft skills described above. As the journey went I realised it took more time to learn the skills & the time simply didn’t feel right: I was building up a base-camp in London (business & flat) – had committed to projects such teaming up with Balance Physio Performance and had signed up for a big business seminar with T Harv Ekert (can only recommend to check it out) & had to pay off a big bill (something I had never committed to before). I was so used to focus solely on one project (such as my Three Border Triathlon and this time I had no head-space for it. It wasn’t until I realised the following:

  • I can’t put something on hold because it doesn’t fit the way I had usually done it because it would mean to deprive me of drives me !! For me adventures are my lifestyle, a way of thinking. I realised I had to become more flexible towards my approach of adventuring (instead of 2-months, what is it that I can create for a 2-weeks period that is going to tick all my boxes). It was time to learn and do things differently & challenge my way of thinking.
  • The time is never going to be right & if I feel stuck then I know my mind has run out of options and it’s time to crack it open
  • I was stuck in daily habits which made me feel rigid & reminded me of a Mo to Sun routine (& with this I felt my brain started to shrink down to think BIG).
  • Life will always throw different things into your life; I can choose to allow them to control me or become better of handling them and keep asking myself what is really important to me right now
  • When I take the day for granted it’s time to get out !!

Was it easy – hell no. I was attached to the project that I initially had set out to do but in order to give me the satisfaction of ‘doing’ I simply had to let go – so I just took the plug. Believe I had a big emotional roller coaster going through me. But I decided on a date 2-weeks ahead, decided to be on the road for 2-weeks, kept the planning low key, decided not to share it in real-time, skip involving sponsors & trust that I work out the route on the way. The goal was to just go & create movement in the project.

And guess what as soon as I decided, I felt the flow again, saw options & reminded myself of my core driving force. I felt the aliveness, the curiosity & the excitement. And once I got back, everything changed – the flow & the momentum where back in the game: I got kicked out by my landlord which made me find the perfect flat, decided to stop working with one company in London that wasn’t really in alignment with my core values, met new communities and simply raised the bar of the game I played. This is the Power of Adventuring – the time is never right & this is when you simply have to go!

Now I love to hear from you: 

What is a project that you love to do & what is holding you back from making it real? 

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