Ferrite or Neodymium – Which One to Choose?

Many of them get confused when it comes to choosing between Ferrite and Neodymium magnets. Well, this depends on how you desire to utilize the magnets.

Ferrite magnets are recommended for following circumstances

  • External use
  • High temperature
  • Tight budget
  • No need for aesthetics

Neodymium magnets are recommended for following circumstances

  • Miniaturization [limited space]
  • Extremely high adhesive force needed
  • Less weight needed
  • Decoration or nice coating

Ferrite vs. neodymium

Make sure to locate the best ferrite and neodymium magnet manufacturer for your project but first decide the suitable magnet type.

Adhesive force

Neodymium magnets are stronger than ferrite magnets of same volume. So, if your place is small then former would be the preferred material. Read more